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“Hi , I’m Sammi! My passion for making nutrition both simple and enjoyable came from (no surprise!) my own experience.”

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During high school, I subscribed to the “eat less, weigh less” idea, trying to eat as little as possible in order to shrink my body (spoiler alert: this method does not work). By the start of my freshman year of college, because I had spent so much time trying to unnaturally manipulate my body, my metabolism totally backfired on me. I gained the freshman 15 – twice, in just one semester (that’s 30 pounds in 3 months if you’re not a math whiz – neither am I!). Upset by my seemingly unexplained weight gain, I went to see a dietitian for myself, and that’s where my story begins.

I was amazed and pleasantly surprised by the simple concepts that I felt both my friends and I didn’t realize: to maintain a healthy weight, we need to eat. Flash forward from there: I became passionate about nutrition and teaching others this newfound, simple concept.

I continued to study Psychology at the University of Michigan (there was no nutrition program at the time, which makes me feel way older than I am!). After college, I went on to New York University to study nutrition and finally become a Registered Dietitian.

Since then, my views on nutrition have continued to evolve as I’ve learned so much about food, the body and eating behaviors. I now run my own private practice, where I meet with clients individually, work with different food brands on recipe development and spokesperson work, and wrote a cookbook, The Essential Vegetable Cookbook, that came out in Summer 2018.



MS: Master’s of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics with a Clinical Nutrition Concentration

RD/RDN: Registered Dietitian/Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (these are interchangeable!)

CDN: Certified Dietitian Nutritionist – this means I’m certified to practice in New York state


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Michigan

Master of Science, Clinical Nutrition, New York University

Dietetic Internship, James J. Peters Bronx VA Medical Center


“These days, when it comes to nutrition I believe in 2 main points, which are the focus of my sessions with nearly all of my clients and the focus of my content on social media.”

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1. Nutrition should be easy

I mean, flat out simple. We have to eat every single day – in order to make this process a seamless part of our day, it needs to be easy. What we eat shouldn’t add extra stress to our lives! I believe in very simple meals, common and well known ingredients, and no crazy superfoods or obscure trends you’ve never heard of. The most common feedback I get from clients now is “I can’t believe how realistic this is.”

2. All foods fit

When I say this, most people are surprised to learn that I mean all foods really fit. Real, fried French fries; gooey, buttery cookies; and fresh, crunchy salads can all be a part of a healthy diet. In order to make your diet (defined as: what you eat) sustainable and enjoyable, it’s crucial that every single food is allowed. No restrictions, ever – that’s part of what makes this so realistic to do.


DENI AMbrose, creative advertising

Deni is a content creator, art director and graphic designer who works in creative advertising. After graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Advertising and Art Direction, Deni’s had a lot of experience in digital and social creative, as well as more traditional outlets like TV and print. She’s obsessed with branding design and has a passion for creating logos. Deni’s covered everything from CPG to cereal to gourmet food to tech. 

Fun facts: Deni can spot owls on any road trip, has quite a collection of doors and is an avid lover of music. Her favorite foods are frozen yogurt and sushi. Deni currently lives in Chicago.

Check out more of her work at deniambrose.com.

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