Hold up, nutrition should be easy.

The membership program: All Foods Fit

Want to learn how to eat healthy in easy, realistic and convenient ways? Sick of trying different diets that are unsustainable and hard to stay on long term?

I get it.

All Foods Fit™ is a program made from my years of experience as a dietitian and working with clients who felt this exact same way. I created it because I think nutrition should be easy. You have to eat every single day: understanding what to eat should be simple and, like my clients, you have too much going on to waste time worrying about what to eat. The program has straightforward, easy to understand lessons sent right to your inbox, so that you can finally understand what to eat and how to live a healthy lifestyle - in easy and realistic ways that work with your busy life.

All Foods Fit™ promotes mindful practices that show you how to easily create a healthy diet while still eating foods like pizza and French fries. Yes, you read that right! And, instead of giving you a 3-hour course to sit down and learn (who has time for that?!), All Foods Fit™ delivers monthly or weekly (your choice!) content to your inbox in simple, snack-able ways. The course has 12 lessons total and is designed to automatically send you 1 lesson at a time (or at all once, if that’s what you’d prefer!), each with its own exclusive recipe, and a private Facebook support group for any questions that you have.

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All Foods Fit will show you how to:

Create healthy, balanced meals and snacks

Identify and honor cravings to feel satisfied without feeling guilty

Eat out, travel, and enjoy the holidays in simple, healthy ways

Make cooking easy and quick, even on your busiest days

Handle emotional eating and learn how to navigate it

…and so much more.

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“This program taught me how to finally eat healthy in the easiest way. I’ve tried so many diets and felt like this was something simple and realistic that I could finally do! The way everything is laid out makes you feel like Sammi is your friend - a friend who tells you how to eat and lets you know that you still can eat pizza and ice cream and be healthy.”


Membership Options:

all of the plans have 12 lessons, so What’s the difference?

If you choose the per month option, you’ll receive 1 lesson delivered each month for a year. If you choose the per week option, you’ll receive 1 lesson delivered each week, for a total of 3 months. If you opt for the one time payment, you’ll receive all 12 lessons at once, to go at your own speed.


per month


  • One easy, snack-able lesson delivered monthly!

  • 1 new simple, balanced recipe each month - that will never be featured anywhere else

  • Ongoing community support via the All Foods Fit private Facebook group

  • Summary worksheets with each lesson to fill in and use as your daily reference

  • Over 200 pages of exclusive material developed by Sammi

  • Lifetime access to materials


$192 (SAVE 20%)

one time payment

  • 12 easy, snack-able lessons delivered to your inbox all at once - go at your own speed!

  • 1 new simple, balanced recipe each month - that will never be featured anywhere else

  • Ongoing community support via the All Foods Fit private Facebook group

  • Summary worksheets with each lesson to fill in and use as your daily reference

  • Over 200 pages of exclusive material developed by Sammi

  • Lifetime access to materials

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+ What are the 12 lesson topics? I'm curious!

  • Breakfast basics
  • Lunch + dinner basics
  • Identify + honor cravings
  • Eating out
  • Snacks + when to eat them
  • Hunger + fullness
  • Holidays + hydration
  • Travel tips
  • Kitchen hacks
  • Exercise + nutrition
  • Emotional eating
  • Myths debunked

+ How does All Foods Fit™ work?

If you’re doing the monthly option, each month you’ll receive an email with that month’s modules, worksheets and recipe. Once you open the email, you’ll see a clear button to download all these items. You can save them to your phone or computer as PDFs to refer back to at any time.

If you want to buy all the modules at once, you’ll receive one email with all 12 modules and all 12 recipes. Just like in the monthly option, you can download these items and save them to your phone or computer as PDFs at any time. You can go through as quickly or slowly as you want - you have everything already right in front in you, so go at whatever speed works for you!

+ Do I have to do anything after I sign up?

Nothing at all! Once you sign up, you’ll automatically receive each month’s lesson every 30 days.

+ When is the best time to start?

Whenever you’re ready! The module topics above are listed in order - they all can be applicable at any time. Whenever you’re ready to start is a great time. You’ll benefit from any module at any time.

+ I signed up! When do I receive the first lesson?

After you sign up, you'll receive an email confirming your order (if you don't receive this, please reach out!). From there, you'll receive a welcome email within 24 hours. Once you open the welcome email, you'll automatically receive an email with either module 1 (for the monthly subscription) or modules 1-12 (for the all at once option).

+ What if I have questions along the way?

As soon as you sign up for All Foods Fit ™ (both monthly and all at once option), you can join the private All Foods Fit ™ Facebook group. This group is for program members only and is your safe space to voice any questions, comments or concerns. I’ll answer your questions and chat with you regularly.

If you'd prefer to keep everything a little more private, no worries! You don't need to join the Facebook group - it's optional and there if you want it.

*When you sign up, make sure to click the “join Facebook group” button on the welcome email. It will prompt you to ask to join the group on Facebook.

+ I’m not sure if I’m ready to spend the money. How is this different than what you share on Instagram?

This program offers way more information than you’ll ever receive on Instagram. The 12 modules cover pretty much every nutrition-related question and topic I cover with clients in my private practice. The information is specific and detailed - not only will it never be shared on Instagram, but it’s too much for an Instagram caption or story anyway!

Look at it this way: this is all of the information you’d receive if you were seeing me as a client privately. As a client however, getting all of this information would cost about $400 per month, or over $4,000 for the year! You’re getting all of this information, exclusive recipes and unlimited private support in a Facebook group for 5% of the price.

+ I’m already a client (or have been in the past). Do I have to pay for this program and nutrition counseling sessions?

No! Current and past clients who are interested in the program will be signed up for free. You’re already paying or have paid for nutrition sessions - no need to pay anything extra.

+ Can I do it if I'm a vegetarian?

Yes! The lessons are customized for both vegetarians and meat eaters. The recipes are split between vegetarian (5), chicken/turkey (4), fish (2) and beef (1). Any protein can be swapped at any time - for example, chicken for tofu, tempeh or beans, or you can even swap beef for chicken (if you eat meat!). If you have any specific questions about swapping protein in a recipe, you can ask in the Facebook group or email me any time.

+ Will I lose weight?

This is not a weight loss program. While it’s very possible to end up losing weight from the program due to changing eating habits and behaviors, the program is not a weight loss program. This program is not a quick fix - it offers easy, realistic and sustainable changes to adopt for life. (Plus, any program that offers a quick fix to weight loss is usually a scam or not sustainable!)

+ What if I don't love it?

If you don’t love your subscription (but I think you will!), you can cancel at any time. Simply click the “cancel my membership” button at the bottom of your monthly email. Your subscription will be stopped before the next month. (Please note however that if you’ve purchased all modules at once, this option cannot be canceled as you’ll already have the entire program).

In just a few months, Sammi has completely helped me change my eating habits for the better. I have a much larger understanding of what foods will help me receive nutrients, feel full, and help me function better throughout my busy schedule - all while working to reach and maintain a body that I feel happy and confident in. Not to mention, I don’t feel restricted from ANY food! I now eat more mindfully than ever before.
— Ava F.

Other questions?

We’re here to help! Give us a shout: hello@sammibrondo.com

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I am so excited that I got to try out All Foods Fit! It has taught me so much— how to eat healthy in my everyday life, on vacation or even when I’m feeling emotional AND how to still have room in my diet for my favorite food - pasta!
— Jessica S.

All Foods Fit is for you if:

  • You want to learn what a healthy, balanced diet looks like

  • You're busy but still want to incorporate healthy eating into your life in a simple and quick way

  • You eat out and travel often and want to feel good while doing so

  • You don't have a lot of time to cook, but want easy ways to make it happen occasionally

  • You've ever felt “bad” for eating candy or felt like you “should” be eating salad

  • You want to learn how to eat cake when you feel like it, without feeling guilty

  • You want to understand what "listening to your body" means and how to do it

  • You feel confused about what to eat after trying diet after diet

  • You’re sick of going on and off different strict diets that make you lose, and then regain, weight

  • You want easy, realistic ways to eat healthy and also still want to eat foods like pizza, french Fries and cookies

  • You struggle with emotional eating, undereating or overeating

  • You want to create a healthy relationship with food, once and for all

Who it’s not designed for:

  • Those with current eating disorders (While this program addresses many eating thoughts and behaviors, it is not intended to treat active eating disorders. For active eating disorders, please seek professional/medical treatment.)


Ready to see for yourself why everyone’s loving All Foods Fit?


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one time payment

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