Health & Wellness Bundle: Get 30 of the Best Health & Wellness Courses


This week, I am SO excited to be part of a health and wellness bundle. It offers you 30 (yes, 30!) of the best health & wellness courses there are - ALL for $99.99. These courses include everything: healthy eating, emotional eating, meal prep, strength training, yoga, toxin-free living, meditation, manifestation and SO much more. All together, these courses would cost over $5,000 dollars ($5,012.72 to be exact!). Getting access to all 30 courses gives you a 98% discount. The entire bundle is half the cost of my course, All Foods Fit, alone too - which is normally $192!

If you’re thinking this is too good to be true, I get it. I thought the same thing when I was first approached about it. How are these courses being offered for so cheap? Do you actually get access to all 30? And what if you only want a few of them?! Trust me, I needed a phone call with the team at Bundle Co. to make sure I understood it myself, which is why I’m walking through it for you.

What it is

The bundle offers a curated collection of 30 online courses and programs, all about health and wellness, for less than the price that you’d normally pay for one course. Topics include: manifestation, confidence, yoga meditation, strength training, pre-conception healthy, fixing period problems, dealing with emotional eating, becoming vegan, following a gluten free diet and so much more. 

These courses range in price individually from about $80-$800 dollars, with most being around $200. All Foods Fit alone is $192 for the all at once option, and $220 total for the monthly option. Even if you’re only interested in All Foods Fit, you’d already be getting just AFF alone for 50% off!

Because this bundle offers such a crazy deal, it’s only available for 8 days - from September 9th until September 17th at 11:59pm PST. I can promise it won’t be offered again after this. Bundle Co., the company running the bundle, only offers one bundle per topic, ever. 

I’ll keep reminding you about it on Instagram and in my stories, but, because I really hate sounding super sales-y and like to keep it as real as I can, I’m probably not going to go too overboard on mentioning it. So, if you’re at all interested, make sure you save my IG posts that mention it so you know to go back to it later. And definitely set a reminder before the 17th so that you don’t miss it.

My favorites and where to start

I know 30 courses can probably sound really overwhelming. It is! Here’s the thing: you don’t need to purchase or use all 30 courses. In fact, I’d recommend not doing that - that’s a lot of courses! But, if you find that you’re interested in even 1, 2 or 3 of the courses, the bundle already pays for itself. 

Again, the bundle is $99.99. So if you’re interested in 3 courses that normally cost around $200 each ($600 total), you’re already getting a significant deal at $99.99.

Feel free to look through the list and see which ones interest you most. The titles alone should help a lot! And, if it’s helpful too, here are the courses that I think you’ll be the most interested in and love. I downloaded all of these myself and have already been using many of them. Seriously, they are awesome.

Strength training: Move With Strength by Becks Lives Healthy, Stronger Bodies by Morgs Eliz

Yoga: Yoga for Beginners by Yoga by Candace

Emotional eating: Emotional Eating by Nutritious Life (one of my favorite dietitians!)

Pre-conception health: Preconception Prep by Justine Campbell (also a fellow dietitian!)

Meal prep: 15 Meals in 2 Hours by Kitchen Karate

Going gluten free: The A-Z Guide About Living Gluten Free by Serving Celiacs

Meditation: Stay - a course in meditation by Bee Bosnak

Sleep: Simply Sleep by Simply Reeni

Of course, there are other courses you might like based on what you’re interested in. I’d encourage you to try any! These are just a few that I know are awesome and that, if you like my content, I think you might also find really helpful. 

Summary: All Foods Fit

As a reminder, my membership program, All Foods Fit, is included in the bundle. And, in case you don’t have it yet or forgot, here’s what it is:

All Foods Fit includes 12 lessons to teach you everything you need to know about healthy eating, identifying and honoring cravings, eating out, healthy travel tips, emotional eating, quick cooking and kitchen tips, and so much more. Each lesson comes with an exclusive easy, healthy recipe that’s not published anywhere else. And, with a membership, you also have access to the private Facebook support group.

I created this program to offer education that would reach more people. AFF teaches everything you’d learn from seeing me individually as a client - all for a fraction of the cost. Here’s what a current member said about it:
“All Foods Fit has been an amazing way to jumpstart my nutrition and fitness journey. The modules are informative, easy to digest and completely customizable to you and your personal lifestyle. Plus, the Facebook group gives you direct access to Sammi! You’re basically getting a year’s worth of nutritional counseling for a literal fraction of the cost. SO WORTH IT.”

How it works

Ready to dive in and get the bundle? Here’s exactly how it works.

  • Go to this link and purchase the bundle for $99.99.

  • Once you purchase the bundle, you’ll receive an email from The Bundle Co. with the subject: How to Access to the Health & Wellness Bundle. Open that for the link to access all of the courses.

  • From there, you have a YEAR to get any of the courses. You can get them at any time. When you’re ready, simply click on the course and use the discount code provided to purchase it.

  • Once you’ve downloaded any of the courses, you have lifetime access to them. You don’t have to be a math whiz to figure out that $99.99 for lifetime access to all of this information is an incredible deal.

Remember, the bundle is running until September 17th ONLY! You have the link in this blog post, in my Instagram bio and in my story highlights. And, if you still want to write it down, it’s:

If you have any questions about it at all, reach out any time! I’m SO excited to offer this to you and can’t wait for you to get started!