Hold up, nutrition should be easy.

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Want to learn how to eat healthy in easy, realistic and convenient ways? Sick of trying different diets that are hard to stay and just don’t work? I get it. All Foods Fit™ is a program made from years of experience as a dietitian and working with clients who felt this exact same way. I created it because I think nutrition should be easy. You have to eat every single day: understanding what to eat should be simple and, like my clients, you have too much going on to waste time worrying about what to eat. The program has straightforward, easy to understand lessons sent right to your inbox, so that you can finally understand what to eat and how to live a healthy lifestyle - in easy and realistic ways that work with your busy life.

All Foods Fit™ promotes mindful practices that show you how to easily create a healthy diet while still eating foods like pizza and French fries. Yes, you read that right! And, instead of giving you a 3-hour course to sit down and learn (who has time for that?!), All Foods Fit™ delivers monthly content to your inbox in simple, snack-able ways. The course is designed to automatically send you 1 lesson per month for a year (or at all once, if that’s what you’d prefer!), each with its own exclusive recipe, and has a private Facebook support group for any questions that you have.

All Foods Fit will show you how to:

Create healthy, balanced meals and snacks

Identify and honor cravings to feel satisfied without feeling guilty

Eat out, travel, and enjoy the holidays in simple, healthy ways

Make cooking seamless and quick, even on your busiest days

Tackle emotional eating and learn how to navigate it

…and so much more.

The monthly subscription program: All Foods Fit